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Cable Systems for High and Extra-High Voltage: Development, Manufacture, Testing, Installation and Operation of Cables and their Accessories

Egon Peschke, Rainer von Olshausen
ISBN: 3-89578-118-5
296 pages
March 2000
US $105.00
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The book covers in detail a range of future-oriented developments in the field of high and extra-high voltage cables. These include cross-linked polyethylene-insulated cables for up to 525 kV to supersede conventional oil/paper-insulated cables, power cables with high-temperature superconductor for underground transmission of bulk power, and gas-insulated lines as a possible alternative for overhead lines. In addition to these innovative technologies the book also of course describes the designs of all today’s customary high and extra-high voltage cables, including oil/paper-insulated and gas-pressure type cables, and the components required to keep the systems working. The book provides information on cable characteristics, cable characteristics, cable design, materials and manufacturing technology, quality assurance, development and dimensioning of cables, and also on scope and restrictions in the forecasting of service life with extruded dielectrics. It is intended for engineers and technicians from power supply companies and the cable industry, and, with its wealth of fundamental information, is ideal too for teachers and students of electrical engineering. Contents Physical Fundamentals Cable Designs, Applications and Design Elements High and Extra-High Voltage Cable Designs on the Market Bulk-Power Cables Cable Accessories and Cable Systems Testing of Cables and Cable Systems Standards, Specifications and Recommendations

Table of Contents

Types of Cable, Areas of Application and Components.

Physical Principles.

Types of High-Voltage and Extra High-Voltage Cable.

Bulk-Power Transmission Systems.

Cable Accessories.

Cable Systems.

Tests on Cables and Cable Systems.

Development Trends.



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