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Start-up and Consulting Service Available From Power Quality and Drives LLC

Start-up, and Consulting Service Rates

Power Quality and Drives LLC offers the following services for
your Variable Frequency Drives, DC Motor Drives, Eddy Current Drives,
and other equipment:

1) Start-up service: $ 500.00 per day, up to eight hours per day.

2) Evaluation of a "failed application:" A failed application is one in
which the controller is turning the motor but the motor is performing
improperly, there is nuisance tripping, or frequent damage to the drive.
Among the probable causes are: EMI/RFI, improper programming, lack of
proper optional modifications to the motor or control, misapplication
of the drive to the driven equipment, or incoming transients.
Evaluation by Frank Martino: $ 250.00 per day, up to eight hours per day.

3) Development of generic specifications, construction bid specifications,
and other consulting services: $ 250.00 per day, up to eight hours per day.

4) For all other types of consulting, fee will be negotiable.

The above fees include all travel expenses within the Connecticut area.

The above services can not be purchased by credit card per standard
Visa and Mastercard rules.

Development of Generic Specifications

It is well known that Drive specifications are written by
manufacturers with the hope that all other manufacturers will be
excluded from the bid process. Those hopes are often fulfilled when
the other manufacturers respond with a multitude of exceptions.

The result is often that the drive selected is at the highest price,
or perhaps it is purchased from a vendor that does not have the best
service capability.

Power Quality and Drives LLC offers:

* Application Review.

* “De-bunking” of drive manufacturer’s specifications.

* Writing of specifications in generic terms to allow any
manufacturer to quote without the necessity of taking “exceptions.”

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