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High School Science Project: DC Motor Construction
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For a school project in grade 11 I need to build a small DC motor with a armature...I was wondering
if you could send me information on how to do this in the best possible way.

It would be wonderful if you could send me a diagram of a DC motor with a armature, and explain
what materials are needed to build it so I may do so. What each part does.

Thanks a bunch Elisa

Dear Elisa,

Basic construction of a DC motor is given here: DC Motor Construction 

You will find brushless DC motors as you search the internet, however, you will need to build a
motor that requires brushes. The field (permanent magnet or electromagnet) supplies a magnetic
field through which the armature conductors rotate. As the conductors rotate through the field,
an AC current is induced in the conductors. Refer to Lenz's Law.

The armature has a commutator segment attached to each armature coil. The commutator and
brushes allow the current to be changed from AC to DC by the mechanical construction.

Best Regards, Frank

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