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Lighting Contactors

Product #:  Lighting Contactors
Brand:  LSIS
LS Industrial Systems contactors have ratings for lighting loads as shown here: Lighting Contactor Ratings on pages 173 to 184.
Resistive heating loads are shown on pages 185 to 186. 

AC3 and HP ratings are shown on the nameplate of the contactors. The ratings for lighting are found in the catalog only and are not indicated on the contactor nameplate.

UL, CSA and IEC Approvals may be found on page 263.

All contactors are 3-Pole and electrically held.

Mechanical latch attachments for customer assembly are available up to the 400 amp rating which will give a two coil arrangement: one coil for the contactor and one coil for the latch attachment.

The Lighting Circuit Selection Guide begins on page 173 of the below PDF file. The application tables show ratings for single phase 220 VAC. The ratings are based on the AC-3 and AC-1 ratings as described on pages 173 and 174.

Total continuous current must not exceed AC-1. Total starting current must not exceed AC-3. Also observe the wattage ratings.

Page 174 also describes use of the tables for three phase 220/240 and three phase 380/415V with neutral conductor.

Use of compensating condensers is given in the table on page 174.

175 - 176   Incandescent Lamp, Halogen Lamp
177 - 178   Fluorescent lamp with starter
179 - 180   Fluorescent lamp without starter
181            Low Pressure Sodium Vapor
182            High Pressure Sodium Vapor
183            High Pressure Mercury Vapor
184            Metal Iodine Vapor

Prices of Contactors may be found here: Prices and AC-3, AC-1 Ratings

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