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VFD with EMC Filter and DC Reactor

Product #:  iS7
Brand:  LS Industrial Systems

Variable Frequency Drives with Built-in EMC Filter and DC Reactor

with Digital Keypad in cover

Sensorless and Sensored Vector Control


UL Type 1, IP 21 


UL Type 12, IP 54


Output: 3 Phase, 200-230 VAC


Input: 3 Phase, 200 to 230 VAC (-15%, +10%)


Input: 1 Phase, 200 to 230 VAC (-15%, +10%)



Output:, 3 Phase, 380-480 VAC

Input: 3 Phase, 380 to 480 VAC (-15%, +10%)



0.75 kW / 1 HP

1.5 kW / 2 HP

2.2 kW / 3 HP

3.7 kW / 5 HP

5.5 kW / 7.5 HP

7.5 kW / 10 HP

11 kW /  15 HP

15 kW / 20 HP

18.5 kW / 25 HP

22 kW / 30 HP




Variable Frequency Drives with Built-in DC Reactor (No EMC Filter)

with Digital Keypad

Sensorless and Sensored Vector Control


UL Type 1, IP 21 


UL Type 12, IP 54


3 Phase

380-460 VAC


30 kW / 40 HP

37 kW / 50 HP

45 kW / 60 HP

55 kW / 75 HP

75 kW/ 100 HP



Features of the Model iS7 Drive:

The EMC filter will mitigate high frequency electromagnetic radiation that spreads into the air caused by the switching of the drive power components. It offers protection to nearby electronic equipment. The EMC filter may be used only when the drive is operated on a symmetrical distribution system, i.e., wye or ungrounded delta.
EMC Filter: Radiated vs. Conducted Emissions

The internal DC bus reactor will attenuate the fifth, seventh and eleventh harmonics.
An AC line reactor will be needed in addition to the DC reactor if the feeding three-phase system has a voltage unbalance or if there is a nominal 100 feet or less of cable between the input of the drive and the upstream transformer. When ordering, please advise of the kVA rating of the upstream transformer and the electrical feet of cable from the drive to the transformer.

The iS7 drive will ride through single-phasing events and will operate with an unbalanced three-phase system under the following conditions: The drive must be oversized to allow for the increase in input current caused by single-phasing and unbalance. The drive must be programmed to disable the single-phasing protection. An AC line reactor must be used to reduce ripple on the DC bus that will be caused by the uneven switching of the input devices.

A single-phase pump that operates with an across-the-line starter may be replaced with a three phase pump. The iS7 may then be used to accept a single-phase input and power the three phase pump.

Section 7.1.8: Run immediately with power On: Power-on RunrWith power supplied to the inverter and the
With power supplied to the inverter and the terminal block operating command being ON,
the inverter starts operating.
Caution: Be careful with this function, which causes the motor to rotate as soon as the power is supplied.

See page 7-14 of the Instruction Manual.

1 to 30 HP, 200-230 VAC

1 to 225 HP, 380-480 VAC


The "Power on: Run" feature is available with both the iS5 (no enclosure) and iS7 (Type 1 and Type 12 enclosures) drives. The iS5 has no internal DC reactor available.

With a start command present, i.e., jumper terminals Fx and CM (Forward Run) or Rx and CM (Reverse Run), the drive will start upon application of power to the drive's power input terminals. The nominal DC Bus charging time will allow operation in approximately 500ms after the application of power to the drive terminals. Larger drives will require a longer time and smaller drives will require less time.

The Speed Search function must be in use to protect from a fault trip in the event of an incoming power disturbance that may remove power and then restore power while the motor is still spinning.


The "Power on Run" feature will have the advantage of an almost instantaneous start. Drives without this feature will take three or four seconds to power-up before energizing the motor. There is a limitation on the frequency of starting the drive via contactor closing at the terminals. Please advise of the number of times per hour and the time between each start.

A freight elevator that requires the drive to be powered simultaneously with the release of the mechanical brake.
This application is not recommended. It is mentioned here only because someone asked about it.

During the 500msec (1/2 second) charging time of the DC bus, the drive and motor will remain de-energized.  When the brake is released there will be nothing to hold the elevator in place and nothing to power the elevator upward during that 500 msec. The elevator will drop, causing the mechanical safety brake to operate, thus keeping the elevator from falling. The elevator may never start. It is the user’s responsibility to apply this feature successfully.


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