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NEMA Size 3, 16 to 80 Amps, 30 HP @ 200 VAC, 40 HP @ 230 VAC, 60 HP @ 460 VAC,60 HP @ 575 VAC,UL Type 4

Product #:  APX4-85-J-80
Brand:  Franklin Control Systems / Cerus Industrial
3 Pole, 85 Amp, NEMA Size 3 Contactor,
1 or 3 Phase
10kAIC @ 460 VAC
7 to 10 business days to ship except as noted below for special options.
UL Type 4 Steel Enclosure
(Indoor or outdoor use to provide a degree of protection against falling rain,
splashing water, and hose-directed water; undamaged by the formation of
ice on the enclosure.)

Provision for three, four, or five float switch control:
Stop, Lead Pump Start, Lag Pump Start, High Level Alarm,
plus optional Low Level Alarm.

Automatic alternation with each on and off cycle.
Additional alternations during extended periods of run time are programmable for up to seven days.
(See below attached "Duplex PLC Wiring").

Lag pump automatically replaces failed Lead pump.

PLC based.

Fault and Alarm contact outputs are available for use with external devices.

Control Power Transformer, 208, 240, 277, or 480 VAC primary, 120 VAC Secondary.

120 or 575 VAC Power Input is available upon request.

Full Voltage, Non-reversing.

Mounted on the door:
Pump 1 ON light (Green)

Pump 2 ON light (Green)
High Level Alarm pilot light (Red)

Internal features:
Adjustable time for Lag Start delay up to 60 seconds.
LED indicator for float switch failure - identifies the specific float switch.
Provision for customer supplied enable switch with the removal of Jumper JE1.

Magnetic trip short circuit protection for each motor.
Electronic Overload Relay for each motor, Model CRP.
(For power wiring, see below attached Duplex Motor Wiring).

Float switches are not included.

Available options:
Single Phase input for single phase motors - specify when ordering (no charge)
Low Level Alarm - optional fifth float switch control (no charge)
Fault Pilot Lights
Digital Hour Meters, one meter for each pump
Alarm Beacon Light
Door Mounted Horn with Silence Pushbutton
Door Mounted Buzzer with Silence Pushbutton
Leak Seal Relays  (Motor seal failure relay for each pump - Motor should have
    a resistive float switch or probe)
Motor overheat relay (motor should have an internal thermostat)
120 VAC output for external alarm light

Available options at additional cost and longer than 7 to 10 days to ship:
Lightning Arrestor/Sure Suppressor Model LA603
Larger than Size 3 Starter
UL Type 4X Enclosure
Explosion-Proof Enclosure
Adjustable Trip Amps from 16 to 80 Amps, no heaters required.
Solid-state Microprocessor Based
Class 1 to 30 infinitely selectable via trip time setting: adjust from 0 to 30 Seconds, the time you set is the trip time at six times the set current. Example: 10 seconds will give a Class 10 trip.
Operational Temperature: -25 to +70 degrees C
Phase current unbalance
Phase loss/phase failure
Stall Protection
Phase current unbalance: trips within 5 seconds when the phase current unbalance exceeds 50%.
Phase loss/phase failure: trips within 3 seconds when phase current is 70% unbalanced.
Stall Protection: Trips at 170% of full load amps at 3 seconds.
LED indication of faults for over current, phase failure.
Specify motor HP, Voltage, Full Load Amps, Phase, and Frequency when ordering.
Three Phase
30 HP @ 200 VAC
40 HP @ 230 VAC
60 HP @ 460 VAC
60 HP @ 575 VAC
Single Phase 
5 HP @ 115 VAC
15 HP @ 230 VAC
Shipping by ground UPS is included.
You may order by telephone: (203) 217-2353
Please have the following information:
Credit Card number
Expiration date
Name on the card
Credit Card billing address
Shipping address
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Price: Call

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