Technical Presentations on Motors and Drives that address

Power Quality and “Failed Application” Issues:

Power Quality is an important factor in maintaining production output in every industrial facility. In addition to loss of production due to equipment shutdown, product quality may also be affected when equipment continues to operate under poor power quality conditions. It is therefore not sufficient to merely keep equipment operating through power disturbances, but rather, it may also be necessary for some processes to engage in an orderly shutdown when a disturbance occurs.

In addition to power quality problems, other important factors in maintaining industrial production is both the avoidance and correction of improper applications of adjustable speed drives.

An adjustable speed drive that is not functioning properly is often not in need of repair. It may be found to have some problem with the incoming power source, the signal and power wiring technique, the programming, or perhaps the drive has not been specified properly for the application.

Thus, if a drive is turning the motor and the service personnel can not effect a repair, the problem may not be a “failed drive” but, rather, it may be a “failed application.”

System considerations that affect the performance of a drive are indeed often overlooked. Power Quality and Drives presents information needed to help resolve the “failed application” problem. Other power quality related topics addressed are: Starting currents and torques of reduced voltage starters are compared to those of variable frequency drives. Wiring techniques to reduce or resolve EMI/RFI problems, effects of short circuit capacity on drive application, transformer sizing, selection of current limiting fuses, and variable speed drive application for regenerative and overhauling loads.

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Ride Through on Power Sag or Power Loss
Rotary power supplies for use with variable frequency drives are available that will allow ride-through of the drive for up to five seconds after power sag or power loss.

Motor Protection: Preventing the Burn-out
Enhanced motor protection will not only lower motor rewinding and repair costs but will also lower over-all down time and yield an increase in production.

Suppressor Technology: Surge Amps, Clamping Volts and Equipment Protection
Compare the clamping volt ratings at the 40,000 and 60,000 Surge Amp levels of the Model LA603 with the ratings of units of other manufacturers.

Variable Frequency Drives Seminar: Problems Encountered and Basic Mitigation Techniques
A seminar on the basic problems that are caused by VFDs is offered by Power Quality and Drives LLC.

Start-up and Consulting Service
Services are available from Power Quality and Drives LLC.